"Victory or defeat lay in the hand of the Lord but you alone are the Lord and the King of your own honour"
This sentence is carved on a piece of wood representing the knight, the death and the devil, which was inspired by a similar well-known design of Albrecht Dürer.

This sculptor was named Georg Sluyterman v. Langeweyde and this webpage tells us his story.


The portofolio of prints, the box of 47 postal cards and the poster are commercialized by:

Associazione Culturale Thule Italia - Via Tancredi Cartella, 52 - 00159 ROMA (Italia) thule@thule-italia.org


The CD "Der grosse Stromerhannes - 16 Vagabundenlieder von Georg Sluyterman von Langeweyde", with 16 songs written and tuned by Georg, has been republished recently in the series "Der Bundschuh", selection nr. 7, at: Bundschuh Tontraeger Postfach 25, D 14552 Michendorf

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